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This is a step-by-step course is for small business owners and managers that are not satisfied with their present website but aren’t sure what to do next.

What’s the Catch?

Yes, this is free. This course is full of valuable, practical guidance in an easy-to-understand way.

After you complete this course you will need to build the website. You can do it yourself or you can get someone else to do it. You can even get us to do it for you, but only if you want.

Key concepts covered in this course

Knowledge Requirement

For business owners and managers who:

Step by Step Video Sessions

This training course provides an insider blueprint for the strategies and principles that will enable you to make create a website that gives you better results. You will get access to our 70+ page manual and a series of seven, video sessions that are approximately 35 minutes in length. The program will enable you to:

About the Presenter

I’m Trevor and I’ve owned my digital marketing agency for almost 10 years. I provide web design, digital marketing, and consulting services. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and understand what it takes for success.

I’ve created this training series because I’ve found that almost all small business owners don’t know what they need for a website and aren’t sure where to start.

This hands-on training series provides practical knowledge and a step-by-step program that empowers small businesses with the blueprint for their web success.

Your website can do more for you.

Live or On-Demand


Mon., Mar. 22 at 10:00am EST

Class Length

7 classes, 40 minutes each

It’s Free

Live and on demand course are free

Register any time and you have access to the on-demand course to start right away. Or you can join the live class that’s starting on Monday, March 22nd at 10am EST. The live classes continue for 7 consecutive weekdays, concluding on March 30th.

Top Questions about the Course

The course is a series of 7 live classes that are about 40 minutes in length. That’s almost 5 hours of class time. You will likely want to invest another 2-8 hours as you figure out what you want for your website. The amount of time varies depending on how you work as well as the complexity and size of your website.


"In the first day, I got more than my money's worth. This course gave the knowledge and tools to understand how to make a successful website."

Wayne Brodland, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo

"I've been researching about how to make a better website for a couple of years, but then I took this course and discovered so much valuable information I never heard before."

Stephen Preston, Music Teacher

"I was given best practices and principles in easy-to-understand videos and a manual that gave me valuable insight for websites we are building."

Jeremy Doorton, Executive Director, E3 Canada

A Sneak Peak

Today, more than ever, your website is how people experience your business. Your website has to be effective for you to succeed.

This video will give you a preview of the value you will get from this training series. Take a few minutes to learn 5 key questions that will help you know if your website is built to help you grow your business.

What This Is and Isn't

This is not a build your website course. You won’t be building your website with code or any of the many drag and drop systems out there.

This course was created to do the following:

Don’t Just Get a New Website and Hope For The Best

There are lots of people who get a new better-looking website but don’t get any better results. If you want a website that works, but you aren’t quite sure where to start, this course will enable you to do the following:

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